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For Quebec Residents:

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You are eligible for this coverage if:

You live in Canada.

You're covered under a government health insurance plan for the entire duration of your trip.


Coverage is subject to the Eligibility Requirements, Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations as outlined in the applicable policy booklet. Please take some time to read and understand your policy and review the coverage; benefits will be paid according to the policy coverage you purchased. If you have any questions you may contact us at 1 (866) 298-2722.


If you want to cancel your insurance or request a premium refund, contact the travel agency where insurance was purchased.


IN THE EVENT YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE, your policy booklet will include procedures to follow.


MEDICAL coverage is included in the policy you purchased and if you have a medical emergency, YOU MUST CALL THE ASSISTANCE CENTRE IMMEDIATELY, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


TRIP CANCELLATION coverage is included in the policy you purchased and if you must cancel your trip, you must do so with the travel agency or the supplier with whom you booked your travel arrangements immediately or, at the latest, the first business day following the cause of cancellation. If penalties are in place at the time of cancellation, claim payment will be limited to the amount of penalties in place the day the cause for cancellation occurred.



Plan Description

The Manulife Premium Protection Plan is designed for residents of Canada who:

a) are covered with a government health insurance plan for the policy duration;

b) are age 74 or younger (at the time of purchasing the policy);

c) are travelling for a maximum of 30 days inclusive of any extension (including the date you leave on your trip and including the date you return home);

d) are listed as Insured Person(s) on the confirmation of coverage and

e) purchased the plan within 72 hours of making a deposit or initial payment on the trip travel arrangements.


Coverage includes Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, Travel Disruption, Emergency Medical, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay and Travel Accident. These benefits provide coverage for ACCIDENTS, INJURIES, UNEXPECTED ILLNESSES AND OTHER UNFORESEEN EVENTS that occur during the policy period unless the event or situation causing your claim is specifically excluded in the section WHAT DOES THIS POLICY NOT COVER?


Family Rates available up to age 60

No Medical Questionnaire required

Cancel for Any Reason Benefit 80% of Non-refundable amounts 7 days or more prior to departure, 80% of Non-refundable amounts capped at $2500, 6 days to 24 hours prior to departure.

This is a general summary only
. For a full listing of benefits please read the policy as limitations and exclusions apply.

Benefits Summary


Trip Cancellation

Sum Insured


Trip Interruption



Emergency Medical

Up to $10,000,000 CAD


Baggage Loss or Damage

Up to $1,500


Baggage Delay

Up to $750


Flight Accident

Up to $250,000 CAD


Travel Accident

Up to $50,000