Emergency Medical Plan

Coverage for unexpected emergency medical treatment and related expenses for travellers over 30 days old and up to age 59. Includes 24/7 toll-free multilingual assistance. This coverage is good for trips up to 183 days (212 days for applicants residing in Ontario & Newfoundland). This is a general summary only. For a full listing of benefits please read the policy as limitations and exclusions apply.


Benefit Maximum

Emergency Medical Expenses

Up to $10,000,000


Coverage is subject to the all of the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the insurance policy and set out in the Policy Guide. It is your responsibility to read and understand the specific types of insurance coverage you have purchased, before you travel, along with the Notice of Privacy and Confidentiality.

If you have any questions please call a travel specialist.

Your insurance policy will be sent in PDF format. Click the logo to download Acrobat (PDF) Reader.